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Red Dog Blue Kat Mission statement

We're On A Mission

Our passion and purpose is helping pets live longer and healthier lives.

We are doing this by educating and inspiring pet parents to invest in better nutrition for their pets. We know you love your pets like family ‐ we want to provide tools and information about pet nutrition so that you can make the best informed decisions.

Our Values

Balance is about finding the sweet spot that works in nutrition, in work, in play, in dealing with the bad and the good, and in how we handle stress and success. Living in balance isn’t always easy, but it is a worthy quest.


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Integrity includes key principles such as honesty, honour, good character, ethics, virtue, decency, truthfulness and trustworthiness. We aspire to live with integrity in every moment, to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes, and to do better each day.

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We actively give our attention, consideration, compassion, love, and respect in every interaction we have with people, animals, and the earth.


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Red Dog Blue Kat Vision Statement

Our Vision

Our big audacious goal is to help families thrive. We are confident that pet guardians will see significant health improvements in their animal companions through better nutrition. Our hope is that this will encourage pet parents to learn more about healthy food and invest in health and wellness for all of the members of their family.

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