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Raw To The Rescue

Giving our resources, time and food to support pets and their families during their time of crisis and vulnerability.

BC SPCA Alone, Took in a Total of 22,659 Animals in 2017

1,700 of which were given up due to lack of pet friendly housing.  Many pets are surrendered because their human family is going through a temporary crisis and feels overwhelmed and temporarily unable to take care of their furry family members.

Supporting Pets and Families in Times of Need

We work with local private rescue and foster groups that help families thrive and ensure that their pets are well taken care of during times of hardship, may it be unexpected hospital visits or disruption to home life.  These groups provide support including temporary fostering during times of crisis or hardship, so these loving pet parents do not have to make the heartbreaking decision of giving up their pets.   We do our bit to help them with food donations. Learn more below.

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How It Works

Our drivers collect donations of food and other accessories from our amazing pet specialty retail partners. These donations include dry, canned and raw food products that are close to their best before date, that have damaged packaging or other aesthetic issues (but are not spoiled), or products that they simply wish to donate. We also pick up toys, treats, accessories, blankets, and anything else that can help pets. Our drivers then bring the donations back to our warehouse and combine them with our own raw food donations. The amazing humans from Pets Matter Foster Care Society pick up these donations and distribute them to homes and rescue groups in need. We also ship some donations to rescues in other provinces.


Do You Want To Make A Difference?

Do your part in supporting animals and families in need. Below are a couple options of how you can help.


Working Together To Help Pets

We care deeply about animals and it breaks our heart to see them suffer.  There are thousands of dogs throughout BC that need help for various reasons and no fault of their own.  There are amazing rescue groups that volunteer endless hours or their time to help these dogs and cats find a second chance to be happy and healthy. We are also grateful to be working with amazing pet retail partners that share our passion for helping pets.  Together we can make a huge difference in caring and protecting animal companions and helping families thrive by supporting them during challenging times.

Huge thank you to our pet specialty retail partners!

Raw To The Rescue Background

During the peak of COVID-19, we wanted to take initiative and help in any way we could. As many people went through financial hardship, we did not want that hardship to come at the cost of cutting fresh food from your pets diet. We decided to help anyone in dire need, by providing some fresh food for pets at NO COST (in Canada only). The response to our offer was amazing - we were able to help a number of individuals and community groups. When we realized there was also a need for dry and canned food, we reached out to our retail partners to see if they could help, and were overwhelmed with donations! 

As a result of this initiative during the pandemic, we connected with a number of amazing Canadian rescue and foster groups, like Pets Matter Foster Care Society,  that volunteer their time all year round to support the welfare of pets.  We wanted to continue helping and saw this as a perfect opportunity for us to restart and improve our Raw to the Rescue program that had been on hold for a few years. 

Why Is It Important?

We believe that animal rescue organizations play a vital role in caring for the welfare of animals in our community. These donations make a big impact. By working with Pets Matter Foster Care Society and other groups like them, we are not just helping animals, we are helping families, so they can get through whatever crisis they are facing without losing their animal companions.  We know our pets are part of the family and we couldn’t think of a better way to further our vision of helping families thrive than lending a helping paw to these families and pets in need through these amazing organizations.

Make A Difference
Societies We Work With

Societies We Work With

Pets Matter Foster Care Society (P-MFCS)

Pets-Matter Foster Care Society is a pet focused, non profit organization that is an instrumental piece in distributing RDBK donations to places in need specifically, remote and rural BC communities. Pets-Matter Foster Care Society is committed to helping remote groups and strives to keep families together in times of crisis. PMFCS has noticed that while there are dozens of active animal welfare groups on the Southern Coast, there are few resources for animals outside this area.

Fur Ever Able

Fur Ever Able Dog Rescue and Rehab  works to save dogs from being Euthanized at birth for being born with disabilities. Some of these disabilities include; clef lip, clef palette, bone joint problems, blindness, deafness and much more. They also foster and rehab not only puppies but older dogs as well. When the dogs are ready, they are available for adoption to find a forever home.

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