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Good Food is the Foundation of a Healthy Life

Made with limited proteins, organs, organic vegetables, and bones—that’s it! We kept it simple on purpose, so you can customize your dog’s diet to be just as unique as they are.

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FOUNDATIONS RAW (Formerly Complete)

limited ingredient diet for those with picky or allergies - or owners simply wanting more control over their pets diet

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Your Unique Raw Journey Awaits and We’re Here with You

Transitioning Guide

  • Step-by-step guide for a
    smooth transition

  • Recommended wholefood supplements

  • How-To and what to expect during transition and after

FREE Feeding Guide

  • Personalized Feeding Amount

  • Transition Guide tailored to your pet’s life stage

  • Tailored to Your Pet

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Start Raw Jouney
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Not to Worry, We Have All Your
Boxes Checked

HACCP Verified

We use the world's most recognized and respected food safety systems.

Ethically Sourced

All animal welfare is important to us, so we only use ethically sourced proteins.

Limited Ingredient Diet

Pronounceable and straightforward ingredients. Why complicate a good thing?

Organic Vegetables

They're good for the earth and even better for your pet.

No Fillers or Additives

Less is more: we don't bulk up our meals with unnecessary ingredients.

No Synthetic Supplements

We use real, whole-food ingredients because your pet deserves nothing less.

Blast Frozen

For ingredients just as nutritious in their bowl as it was when we made it.

Proudly Canadian

We've been improving the lives of Canadian pets for over 20 years!

Why Foundations


We Dressed Up Just For You

Easing your pet's journey to health through raw, one box at a time.


Available in

4 x 1/4 lb tray (singles or 6 lb case)
1 lb tray (singles or 8 lb case)
12 lb bulk box (6 x 2lb case)

Scannable QR Code

Tips & tricks at your finger tips!

Recycling Information

Detailed instructions for recycling package and tray

Feeding & Supplement Guide

Setting you up for raw feeding success

Box Colour

No more confusion between dog & cats products

Packaging Information



Did you know? Legally,

companies can wait up to 6 months to update their labels after ingredients change

Raw Packaged The Way
It Should Be

Easier to Open

New easy peel tab means no more scissors.

Easier to Portion

New thermoform trays (including a 4 x 1/4 lb option!)

Easier on the Planet

Produced with 35% fewer carbon emissions and 18% less raw materials compared to traditional vacuum packaging.

Recipe Transparency

Did you know pet food companies aren’t required to update their labels for 6 months after a recipe change? Sometimes they don’t even do it then! We do our printing in-house, so you can always depend on what you see on the label to be what you get in the package.

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Can't wait to get your paws on our new packaging? We don't blame you! Click here to see what our happy influencers are saying about our new look!

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We Want To Hear From You and Your Pet!

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