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Portion Calculator

Receive an estimate for your pet's recommended daily food portion


Feeding Guide

Custom feeding guide designed by our Animal Nutrition Specialist specifically for your pet and their needs

Bone Quiz

Got a Bone to pick? Try this quiz to find the most suitable bones for your pet. 

Meal Quiz

Want help finding the best product?  New or experienced raw feeders take the FREE quiz here! 

Download Your FREE E-Book

​Get Your Free Ebook And Learn How To Save Money Feeding Your Pet A Quality Raw Diet!

Feeding Guide

Our FREE Feeding Guide allows you to consult with our in-house nutritionist to find out how much, and what you should be feeding your pet.

Feeding Guide

Bone Feeding Guide

If you are considering feeding bones, make sure you know how to properly feed & select bones before feeding. Download our free Bone Feeding Guide to learn which types of bones are best suited to your pet's size and chewing style

Food Portion Calculator

Use our Food Portion Calculator to determine the estimated daily amount you should feed your pet. For best results, we recommend using our Feeding Guide.

Food Portion Calculator

Dog Portion Calculator

For more accurate and detailed results, try our FREE Feeding Guide.

Cat Portion Calculator has moved! 

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